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We have fillable PDFs you can download & fill out for announcements - births, graduations, engagements, and weddings. We also have forms for obituaries. The forms may be filled out on your computer and returned by e-mail, with a picture, to editor@cunews.info. They may also printed out, filled out, and mailed with a picture to Ajo Copper News, PO Box 39, Ajo, AZ 85321.

Submitting News Releases

The best advice is KISS (Keep It Short & Simple).

Remember, we are a newspaper for and about Western Pima County. Items about people and events not connected to Ajo, Why, or Lukeville are unlikely to be printed.

Make sure your news release has the famous 5 Ws --
Who   What   Where   When   Why
and be sure to include your name and phone number or e-mail address in case we need to ask you a question.

We prefer to receive everything in writing. Typed or computer generated is the best; otherwise, please print neatly! Make sure all names are spelled correctly and that any days & dates match. And, yes, you can send us your news release by mail, fax, or e-mail or drop it off at our office. Our drop dead news deadline is noon on Monday but we much prefer to receive releases on Thursday or Friday.

Opinions should appear as quoted statements --. "This will be the best fiesta ever held in Ajo," said Juan Jones. "We hope everyone will attend."

Generally, if the words you, I, or we are used, they should be also in a quotation -- "You don't want to miss this!" said Maria Doe. If we need to use a statement in the article as a quotation, we will use the contact person's name unless another name is given for attribution.

All news releases are edited for publication. Be prepared to see changes in what you wrote, although, if you followed the guidelines above, we will probably make very few changes.

Forms are available to make it easy for you to give us information about graduations, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, births, and deaths. We'll be glad to send you one.

If your article is about something for sale (even tickets to an event), you may be asked to also purchase an ad. Our rule of thumb is -- if  you make money, we make money. After all, our employees are fond of being able to cash their paychecks. Placing an ad can also help you reach a wider audience -- some people will skip reading news articles and look at the ads first to see what is going on and what goods and services are available.
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