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A column inch is 1 column wide & 1 inch deep.  Columns are 11.3 pica (about 1.9 inches) wide.
A display ad 1 column wide and 1 inch deep, costing $5.50, measures 1.9" wide by 1" deep.
A display ad 2 columns wide and 2 inches deep, costing $18 B&W or $22 color, measures 3.9" wide by 2" deep.

The newspaper is weekly and bears a Wednesday dateline; it is available at newsstands on Wednesday afternoon.

The Ajo Copper News has a circulation of approximately 1250, of which about 700 are either mailed to local area subscribers or sold at local newsstands. The other 150 are mailed to places ranging from Phoenix & Tucson to Canada. About 400 subscribers receive a pdf of the paper though the Internet.

New customers without established credit are initially asked to pay for their ads in advance. Credit cards (VISA and MasterCard) are accepted.

All political advertising must be paid for in advance and must bear a "Paid for by . . ." signature line.

Insertion orders and ad copy may be . . .

Mailed to:     Ajo Copper News, P.O. Box 39, Ajo, AZ 85321

E-Mailed to:   advertising@cunews.info

Please note: We prefer to receive all ads in writing when possible. We discourage phoned-in copy because, even when it's read back, errors frequently creep in. Because of this, we do not accept responsibility for errors in those ads. If it's impossible for you to mail or e-mail your ad, then go ahead and call us. The phone number is 520-387-7688.

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