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Who are we?

The Ajo Copper News was founded in 1916 and was bought by Richard F. & Ann Hollister David in 1968.  In 1983, Gabrielle David succeeded her mother as editor and her brother Hollister J. "Hop" David followed his father as publisher. They are supported by a staff who work hard at keeping them in line.

Gabrielle David inherited not just her mother's job as editor, but her column "Quacks" as well. When not hiding in her office at the newspaper, Gabrielle works as a paramedic for Ajo Ambulance. She spends her spare time at home with her cats, dogs, and turtles, trying to work on her computer, read mysteries, or indulge in the luxury of sleep. She has two grown children and three granddaughters she doesn't get to see often enough. You may send her e-mail at editor@cunews.info

H.J. "Hop" David is still wondering just what it is that a newspaper publisher does. In the meantime, he sets most of the ads and is in charge of bill paying. Hop's hobbies are art & mathematics. His wife, Margarita, often called Moppy, works for the post office. Their adult daughters are Nellie & Nico. You may send him e-mail at hopd@cunews.info

Joseph D David retired from a job in Alabama and has rejoined his brother and sister at the newspaper where he works part time.

Michelle Alegria Pacheco is the Copper News office, advertising, and circulation manager. She handles most of the public notice advertising, gets the billing out on time, and keeps the subscriptions in order. She's a popular drummer and often appears in bands with her husband Joe. Their daughter, Dominique, is a college student. You may send Michelle e-mail at pacheco@cunews.info

Mike Mekelburg takes a lot of photographs and writes general news, sports, and the gardening column. He is an Arizona certified master gardener, nursery professional, and landscape professional, and works part-time as an arborist. In another parttime job, he works as an EMT. Mike says his newspaper job is fun, which means the pay is token. But, he says, the company benefits are outstanding: in lieu of a retirement package, there's free soda in the refrigerator. You may send him e-mail at mike@cunews.info

John Peck brings lots of writing and editing talent to the newspaper. He says he is happy to return to his community journalism roots. He can be reached at johnpeck@cunews.info

Kate Garmise, aka Cactus Kate, has been sliding into retirement and is rarely seen these days.

Dick Ducic joined the staff as a proofreader and ad representative. He's retired from two other demanding jobs and considers this parttime job fun. An avid reader, he is also a bookseller and manages at Copper News Book Store. His e-mail is DickD@cunews.info

Kattie Allen handles the front desk and also takes pictures and does some interviewing and writing. You may send her e-mail at kattieallen@cunews.info

(This listing is not necessarily in order of importance. All the descriptions suffered alterations at the keyboard of the editor.)

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