Dear Fellow Ajoite,


The Friends of Ajo are very excited to inform you that our plans for the second annual, All Ajo Reunion have been finalized and we are inviting you to join us for this great occasion.  We want to share these details with you and it is our sincere wish that you will consider attending.  Last year we had 240 people join us for our mixer on Friday night and 450 for our dinner and dance on Saturday night.  We expect to have even more people join us for this year¹s event and it is our fervent hope that you will be one of them.


The Reunion itself is being held Friday and Saturday, April 27th and 28th , 2007 with our mixer scheduled for Friday the 27th and our dinner and dance on Saturday the 28th.  Our Reunion will be held at Rawhide as it was last year.  Rawhide is located 2 miles southwest of Chandler, AZ and is easily accessible by Interstate 10.  If you need directions, please contact any of us and we will be more than happy to provide you with precise directions.


There is plenty of lodging near Rawhide to satisfy your comfort and tastes.  We have included a list of motels with their phone numbers for you to make reservations.  The class of ¹57, who is holding its 50th class reunion in conjunction with the All Ajo Reunion, invites you to join them in staying at the Grace Inn at Ahwatukee.  They have received a special rate for those staying there and Grace Inn is located just 3 miles north of the other motels on our list.


We are pleased to report to you that we feel that we have resolved our problems from last year and those attending should have an even more enjoyable time this year.  Please remember that we have no hidden agenda or any ulterior motives in sponsoring this event.  We simply want to provide an opportunity for Ajoites to gather and visit.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.  We are even extending an invitation to the Governor.  Should we realize any profit from our venture, we will make a donation to a charity involved with Ajo.  Earlier this year we were able to make a $1000.00 donation to the Ajo Foundation from the funds realized from our Reunion last year.


Now, for our activities.  Our mixer on Friday will be begin at 6:00 pm and will end at 12:00 midnight.  It will be held at the Sunset Room which is a smaller venue than the Pavilion.  It is located right near the entrance to Rawhide, next door to the Rawhide Steakhouse.  Admission is $10 per person and you may pay in advance or at the door.  Dress is casual and informal as is the case for Saturday also.  There will be a cash bar available for your beverage of choice.  We will not have any food served so please make dinner arrangement before you come.  If you prefer to eat at Rawhide, the Steakhouse is next door.  There is also a bar with live music available next door to the Sunset Room for your dancing pleasure.  However, we do implore you to patronize our bar for your choice of beverage as that will help us meet our guarantee to Rawhide.  Please consider attending the mixer and visiting with everyone.


Our events on Saturday night, the 28th, promise to be very enjoyable.  We have a lot of details to share with you so please save this letter until the date of our event.  Saturday evening will start with the doors opening at 6:00 pm and all of our activities will be at the Pavilion as they were last year.  The parking lot is quite a distance from the Pavilion so we are providing a golf cart shuttle service that will take you to the Pavilion and return you to the parking lot.  This shuttle service is being provided for our elderly folks and those with physical disabilities and will run continuously from 6 pm to midnight.


Dinner will start 7:30 pm, followed by our dance at 8:30 or so.  We will end the evening at 1:00 am.  Please join us early and stay late.  The meal this year will cost $40 per person and admission to the dance is $20 per person.  However, if you join us for dinner, admission to the dance is free so, in essence, dinner will only cost $20 per person if you eat with us.  We realize that $40 per person is high, but it¹s still the lowest price of all the resorts in the Phoenix area.  Remember, if you join us for dinner, admission to the dance is free.  We had to agree to Rawhide a guarantee of $18,000 of business for both evenings. Whatever amount that we fall short of the $18,000 is what we will have to pay for rent.  Please help us out by having dinner with us.  Remember, admission to the dance is free if you eat with us.


You will have a selection of steak, chicken, or grilled salmon for your dinner entrée.  Included will be side dishes of coleslaw and beans.  Dinner reservation s must be made by April 15th and are non-refundable after that date.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to make any exceptions.  Please mail your selections and your check or money order by that date and your check should be made out to the Friends of Ajo.


Table reservations may also be made this year.  We are asking you to have a minimum of 6 people at your table in making that reservation.  If you wish to be further away from the dance floor so you may visit with your table mates, please indicate this on your reservation form.


Speaking of which, our music this year will be provided by Jose Morales, who played the music at our mixer last year, and did such a great job.  We have chosen to have him play instead of a band simply because he will be able to provide everyone with a greater variety of music and he will be able to control the volume.  As an added bonus, we will have a dance contest this year during one of our breaks.  You must register for it in advance and it will be limited to the first 15 couples to do so.  Contestants will be required to dance 1 minute versions of a country song, a cumbia, the twist and a jitterbug. The entry fee is $10 per couple and the $150 in entry fees will be awarded to the top 3 finishers.  We will determine the winner of those 3 remaining couples by a surprise selection.  The 1st place finisher will be not be allowed to compete the following year but will have their names inscribed on our annual plaque that we will have.  During our other breaks we will award door prizes and also play the famous Pete Monyer, split the pot, card game.  By the way, those having dinner with us will receive 3 extra tickets for the door prizes.


We have invited some special folks to join us.  First, we have asked Sylvia Howard and the Ajo Chamber of Commerce to have a table Saturday evening.  If they can join us, they will be selling Ajo memorabilia that you will thoroughly appreciate.  Please patronize their venture as the success of their sales helps with their daily operations in spreading the good word about Ajo.


We have also asked the International Sonoran Desert alliance to provide us with information about the renovation of Curley School.  Tracy Taft, our own Patti Bush, and others will be there to answer questions concerning this worthwhile project.  Please visit with them and seriously consider making a pledge to contribute to this fantastic venture.  They will have all kinds of information available about the renovation.


Now, last but certainly not least, we are very pleased to inform our golfers that we will be sponsoring a golf tournament during the Reunion weekend.  It will be held Sunday morning; the 29th and will begin at 8:00 am.  The tournament will be held at the Oakwood Golf Course located in Sun Lakes at 9649 E. E.J. Robson Blvd. Sun Lakes is located about 4 miles south of Rawhide.  The entry fee is $50 per golfer and proper golf attire is required.  No denim please.  We realize that Sunday may be a little inconvenient.  In years to come, we will have it on Saturday.  If you play in our tournament this year, we will guarantee you a spot in next year¹s tournament which will be limited to 144 golfers every year.  Please consider joining fellow Ajoites for a pleasant round of golf.  Ron Shively is our tournament director and you may contact him for registration, questions and direction.  You may call him at 1-480-213-9301 or email him at  Please give this some thought as this tournament will only grow in the years to come


Please consider joining us for this great weekend.  We are all Ajoites and have that bond in common.  We always will.  This is a perfect opportunity for families, friends and former classmates to gather, and reminisce.  We will be sponsoring this event every year and it will always be the last weekend in April.  Please mark it on your calendar and join us.  Let us all put our differences aside and enjoy each others company.  Please, if you have any question, concerns or thoughts of any kind, feel free to contact any of us.  You will find enclosed on the last page our list of lodging and registration form.


With much appreciation to Mike Hull, we are simply the Friends of Ajo.  Please visit the Ajo Message Board for interaction with fellow Ajoites.  Simply type in ³Friends of Ajo² in your search engine, click on Ajo Message Board and join us in conversation.  After all, Ajo spans may generations and being from Ajo is the tie that binds, generation after generation. 


We hope that you will join us.  We are, simply, the Friends of Ajo. 


John Peters     520-836-3888

Pete Monyer    480-247-8715

                  Scott Taylor    480-844-2792

                  Lupe Alvarez    602-269-2919

                  Elaine Davis     480-596-1425

                  Bill Keeling       480-385-9615

                  Anna Martin     623-640-4040






John Peters